The 14th Beijing International Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Emergency Safety Industry Expo 2023, with the theme of "Developing Emergency Safety Technology, Helping to Build a Safe City", is scheduled to be held on June 28-30 at Beijing Shougang Exhibition Center. It will be held in Beijing Shougang Exhibition Center from June 28th to 30th. Based in Beijing and radiating to the world, the expo is an important platform to professionally display the high-tech achievements of China's emergency security industry and has received wide attention in the field of disaster prevention, mitigation and security emergency at home and abroad.

Beijing Emergency Security Industry Expo will focus on displaying the scientific and technological innovations of the security and emergency industry, with exhibits covering wisdom fire technology and equipment, aviation rescue, remote sensing and mapping, high-rise escape, flood and drought control, medical emergency, special lighting, earthquake early warning, satellite applications, emergency communications, special vehicles, VR disaster prevention, special tents, chemical safety, mine safety, police security, safety education, family emergency items Safety production, protection and rescue, military and local dual-use, command and dispatch, epidemic prevention materials and emergency systems and other industry advanced technology equipment. During the same period, a variety of exchange activities will be held, such as industry development summit forum, disaster simulation experience, lectures on self-rescue and escape knowledge, disaster prevention and mitigation science, signing of cooperation projects and new product promotion, actively sharing new ideas, new models and new thoughts on the development of safety and emergency industry, strengthening top-level design for industrial development, creating a good ecological environment, carrying out high-end dialogue between government and enterprises, promoting international exchange in the industry, sharing excellent cases We will also share excellent case studies, and help the innovation and sustainable and healthy development of emergency safety technology.

Relevant research institutes, production enterprises, associations, industrial parks, procurement units, industry media, authorities, international friends and emergency experts are invited to attend the conference and jointly promote the high-quality development of emergency safety industry and disaster prevention, mitigation and relief.

I.Time and place: Time: June 28-30, 2023

Venue: Beijing Shougang Exhibition Center

II.Theme: Develop emergency security technology and help build a safe city

III. Purpose of the exhibition: to provide a complete procurement platform for buyers, tocreate more market opportunities for exhibitors.

IV. Purpose of the exhibition: To serve the exhibitors wholeheartedly

V. Organization

Organizer: Beijing Zhongsheng lnternational Exhibition Co., Ltd.

China Association of Medical Equipment

General Aviation Branch of China Air Transport Association

China Association of Safety Industry

Emergency Safety Science and Technology Innovation Alliance (AESTI)

Undertaker: Beijing Zhongsheng lnternational Exhibition Co., Ltd.


VI.Scope of Exhibits

1, natural disaster monitoring and early warning: disaster and detection (earthquake disaster, meteorological disaster, mudslide, marine disaster, water, drought and fire disaster, bridge and tunnel safety protection, etc.) early warning, prevention, measurement, testing and quality testing equipment and application technology, etc.

2, disaster simulation system exhibition area: VR disaster experience, VR simulation technology, arena simulation, fire simulation, AR technology and other related technical equipment.

3, flood control emergency rescue and information technology: flood control life-saving equipment, flood control and drought relief machinery, flood control and emergency equipment, flood control command and dispatch system, flood control and drought instruments, meteorological and lightning protection technology and equipment, flood control and drought relief materials, flood control and drought relief information systems and other related technical products.

4, emergency communication and information command system exhibition area: emergency communication equipment, satellite communication stations, short-wave radio, mobile emergency communication vehicles, emergency communication network systems, video conferencing systems, mobile video technology, satellite navigation systems, remote sensing systems, etc..

5, post-disaster rescue equipment: lighting equipment, thermal imagers, air breathing apparatus, search and rescue equipment, life-saving equipment, water purification equipment, rescue audio and video monitoring systems, life detectors, rescue vehicles; lifting, support equipment, demolition tools, power distribution vehicles, repair vehicles and other special vehicles, large excavators, reconstruction equipment, disaster relief reserve supplies and public disaster mitigation and household emergency supplies, etc..

6, epidemic prevention materials and emergency treatment equipment: military as well as civilian on-site first aid kits, on-site sampling supplies, medical equipment, disaster relief drugs, disinfection products, personal protection, medical emergency vehicles, health prevention vehicles, special vehicles, etc.

7, drones / helicopters and rescue robots: robots, UAV nuclear radiation detection, UAV border patrol, UAV aerial photography, UAV disaster surveillance, UAV traffic patrol, UAV security monitoring, and rescue transport aircraft, helicopters, gliders, blimps, etc.. 

8, safety production protection and rescue equipment: personal protective equipment, safety belts, protective clothing, protective masks, masks, eyes, gloves, shoes, air oxygen respirators; anti-terrorism equipment, police equipment category, safety production testing equipment, safety protection technology facilities and equipment, environmental protection facilities, traffic safety facilities, mechanical safety systems, monitoring systems, special safety vehicles, etc..

9, fire safety emergency rescue equipment: fire alarm systems, fire rescue equipment, fire fighting vehicles and equipment, fire fighting equipment and products, fire prevention equipment and materials, fire fighting systems, rescue and security equipment, fire fighting equipment technology, etc..

10, water search and rescue equipment: a variety of surface underwater search and rescue new products and new technology equipment, underwater communication equipment and instrumentation, various types of navigation and positioning equipment and instruments, a variety of underwater observation and detection equipment and instruments water drones boat, a variety of underwater cutting, welding and cleaning equipment, manned submersible, underwater remote control equipment, air and mixed gas diving equipment, saturation diving equipment, hydrographic instruments, detection and maintenance equipment manufacturers, echo detectors, a variety of underwater engineering equipment and maritime technology equipment, etc..

11, mapping and geographic information equipment: mapping application satellite, high and medium altitude aerial camera aircraft, low altitude mapping type UAV, mapping type unmanned ship, mobile measurement vehicle, measurement robot, laser 3D scanner, airborne LIDAR, photogrammetry camera, satellite remote sensing image data acquisition and processing and service solutions, etc..

12, pre-disaster defense products and post-disaster reconstruction equipment: disaster prevention and mitigation-related industries: advanced disaster prevention and mitigation technologies, programs, designs, urban emergency systems, etc.; social rescue service agencies, consulting and training service enterprises, emergency logistics service enterprises, etc.


VII. Pavilion planning.

1, Safety and protection pavilion: safety production, explosion-proof electrical appliances, traffic safety products, protective supplies, emergency medical care, epidemic prevention materials, etc.

2, Wisdom Pavilion: wisdom firefighting, wisdom emergency, emergency command system, satellite communication, natural disaster monitoring and warning, disaster simulation, geographic mapping, emergency management big data, disaster prevention and mitigation software development, etc.

3, fire hall: building fire, fire equipment, fire water system, comprehensive fire extinguishing facilities, fire alarms, etc., forest and grassland fire products.

4, flood control and drainage pavilion: flood control, drought and drainage technology and equipment, water rescue technology and equipment pavilion, drones.

5, special equipment pavilion: emergency rescue equipment, firefighting vehicles, robots, emergency rescue helicopters.

6,Disaster prevention and emergency industry service pavilion: disaster virtual interactive experience, disaster prevention and emergency science education, post-disaster construction planning pavilion, insurance companies, emergency procurement units, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development results, social groups rescue institutions.


VIII. Professional audience

Public security, fire, border defense, armed police, civil affairs, maritime, emergency, earthquake, mapping, land, safety supervision, electricity, health, rescue team, water conservancy, communication, environmental protection, remote sensing, aviation, justice, development and reform commission, quality supervision, foreign institutions in China and military authorities, enterprise business, scientific research units, social groups, industry media, etc.


IX. Charges

1, Standard booth: (3m×3m9), bare floor (36 square meters to rent); choose double-sided open booth need to increase 10 cost.

2, Domestic units: 16,800 yuan; boutique standard exhibition 18,800 yuan; bare ground: 1580 yuan/.

3, Standard booth: (including three exhibition boards, negotiation tables and chairs, two spotlights, 220V/5A power socket, carpet and company name fascia board; no facilities in the bare space, management fees and power supply fees are self-financed).

4, Please contact the organizing committee for conference report, technical exchange, journal publicity, on-site activities and other forms of publicity.


X. Concurrent Activities.

1, China Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Emergency Security Industry Development Forum

Fee: The participation fee is 2800 RMB/person. (Including a full set of conference materials, refreshments, gifts, luncheon on the day of the meeting, accommodation and transportation at your own expense).

2, Summit Forum speech 30,000 yuan / 15 minutes, need to extend the time, please apply in advance (fees include: reports, materials, venue rent, catering, gifts, study tour costs (Note: accommodation and transportation on their own).

3, Request the application form for participation, fill it out carefully and submit it to the organizing committee for confirmation.


XI. Application conditions for awards

1, Beijing Emergency Expo will introduce "Science and Technology Innovation Award" and "Annual Enterprise Integrity" honorable mentions.

2, The application of "Science and Technology Innovation Award" must have independent intellectual property rights of core technology.

3, The application for the "Annual Enterprise Integrity" award must have no illegal records and no judicial case records.

4, Application unit exhibiting at the exhibition reaches 36 square meters area exhibitors have to apply for the award.

5, Applicant unit to attend the Beijing Emergency Expo forum speech has to apply for the award.

6, Leading the development of science and technology innovation is the social recognition of the award-winning units, units of outstanding talent silently contribute to the spirit of payment.



XII.Cooperative media 

International Online, People's Political Consultative Conference Network, People's Daily, Channel,,,,,,,,, Baidu,, Netease,, China Daily and many other cooperative media, Zhong Sheng International Exhibition is willing to work with all media units to strengthen the services of the exhibitors.


XIII. Exhibiting Procedures and Services

1, The booths will be arranged according to the principle of "first registration, first payment, first arrangement".

2, Select the booth, fill in the "Application Form" and fax, scan or mail it to the organizing committee of the exhibition after signing and stamping.


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